Vành xe đạp Road -Rim(Wheelsset) -Hed Jet 6 RC Black

  • 41.000.000₫
  • 49.000.000₫
  • - 8.000.000₫

Back in black, and blacker than ever! The Stealthy new-look Jet RC Black wheels build upon a decade of iconic performance, performance that set the industry standard for both aerodynamics and rim braking performance.

Freehub Note: *Campagnolo requires a longer lockring to safely secure 10/11/12 speed cassettes to N3W freehubs


  • Handmade in the U.S.A.
  • Rim depths ranging from 40mm to a complete Aero Disc
  • Wheel set weights starting at 1,568g with the Jet RC4 Black
  • Black Turbine Braking Technology