Vành xe đạp Road -Rim(Wheelsset) -Hed Jet 4 RC

  • 35.000.000₫
  • 39.000.000₫
  • - 4.000.000₫

The Jet RC Performance Series.

When it comes to cycling, it’s hard to find a more influential road bike wheel than the HED Jet.

The pioneer of wide rim technology, pushing beyond an internal width of 20mm, the Jet RC Performance series is now available starting at $1,400 per set.

Freehub Note: *Campagnolo requires a longer lockring to safely secure 10/11/12 speed cassettes to N3W freehubs


  • Handmade in the U.S.A.
  • Rim depths ranging from 40mm to a complete Aero Disc
  • Wheel set weights starting at 1,598g with the Jet RC4 Performance
  • 21mm Internal Rim Width