TRNR Velocity Rope

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  • 620.000₫
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Faster. Lighter. More accurate. The TRNR Velocity Rope is built for speed and cardio, making it the perfect jump rope to practice double and triple unders. The 360-degree anti-torque bearings combined with the super light coated steel cable enable swift wrist rotations for top speed, heart-pumping sessions. 

• Recommended to develop speed and cardiovascular health
• Suitable for double and triple unders
• With super light coated steel cable for great speed
• 360-degree anti-torque bearings for efficient wrist rotations
• 3 m (118.11") adjustable cable to suit personal needs and heights
• Snap system for convenient resizing
• Robust anodised aluminium body
• TRNR custom non-slip handles with slick space grey aluminium end caps