TRNR Tactile Ball - Black

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  • 355.000₫
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Drawing inspiration from the technique of acupressure, the TRNR Tactile Ball is designed to provide a convenient, stimulating self-massage. Don't be fooled by its small size, this hyper-tactile ball with firm spiky tips delivers an effective massage guaranteed to awaken your senses. Apply pressure with your own body weight by rolling up and down muscles or simply with your hand for a more targeted approach. 

• Diameter: 9 cm
• Hyper tactile, firm surface for a stimulating self-massage
• 360-degree rotation allows to easily access to hard-to-reach body areas
• Helps unlock painful trigger points
• Can be used handheld for precise targeting
• Alternatively can be used with own body weight to sustain compression
• Built to last and easy to clean