TRNR Strength Tubes 3 Pack

  • 1.590.000₫
  • 1.590.000₫
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Built for progressive resistance training and ideal for upper body conditioning, the TRNR Strength Tubes 3-Unit Pack will enable you to target your back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs. It will help you develop muscle mass while protecting your joints and preventing bone density loss. It comes complete with two anchors for maximum exercise versatility at home or outdoors.

 • Light (blue): 4.3-8.7 kg | 9.5-19.2 lb
• Medium (orange): 6.6-13.2 kg | 14.6-29.1 lb
• Heavy (grey): 8.1-17.1 kg | 17.9-37.7 lb
• Tube length: 120 cm/47.24 in for a full range of motion and added exercise versatility
• Multi-dipped tubing
• Safety String Innovation that prevents the tube from overstretching and snapping
• Wide custom TRNR textured grip
• Door and outdoor anchor included delivering a diverse range of exercises
• Recommended for all fitness levels