TRNR Squat Band Medium - Orange

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  • 390.000₫
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Fire up your glutes, adductors, abductors, hamstrings and quads with the TRNR Squat Band in Medium. Featuring up to 14.8 kg of resistance, this woven loop band is designed to improve strength, toning and joint stability, whilst fostering appropriate squat technique. Unlike with standard rubber loop bands, you will enjoy working out without worrying about your band curling up or sticking to your skin. The performance cotton-latex blend combines softness with durability for the ultimate performance, workout after workout.

• Medium resistance: recommended for a balance of strength and endurance, joint stability and body toning
• Weight rating: 6.6-14.8 kg | 14.6-32.6 lb
• Helps improve squat technique by preventing knees from caving in
• Hygienic - can be washed between sessions (separate gentle, cold hand wash)
• Engineered with performance cotton-latex blend and practically unbreakable
• Lightweight and compact, making it super travel-friendly