TRNR Squat Band Heavy - Grey

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  • 410.000₫
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Feel the burn in your glutes, adductors, abductors, hamstrings, and quads with the TRNR Squat Band in Heavy. Featuring up to 21.4 kg of resistance, this woven loop band is sure to make you feel the burn and will enhance your ability to exert force quickly. Built to last, the high-performance webbing incorporates both cotton and latex while displaying the weight rating in kilos and pounds so you can easily keep track of your performance. 

• Heavy resistance: recommended for speed + strength, high-intensity workouts and body sculpting
• Weight rating: 10.6 - 21.4 kg | 23.4 - 47.2 lb
• For relatively advanced users/strong individuals
• Great tool for those finding it hard to keep their knees inwards when squatting
• Hygienic - can be washed between sessions (separate gentle, cold hand wash)
• Engineered with performance cotton-latex blend and practically unbreakable
• No more bands curling up, sticking to the skin, or tearing apart
• Travel-friendly - no gym, no excuses