TRNR Foot Roller - Black

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  • 530.000₫
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Don't let sore feet stop you in your tracks. The TRNR Foot Rolleris a convenient plantar fascia massager uniquely contoured to target different areas of the foot anatomy, from the heel to the arch, ball, and side of the foot. Use it to help relieve pain from tired feet, plantar fasciitis, or heel spurs. With its premium silicone construction, this foot roller provides enhanced traction when used on the floor and a comfortable grip when handheld.

• Unique design delivers a multizone plantar massage
• Rounded midsection for rolling up and down the entire length of the foot sole
• Textured grooves to accommodate the lateral parts of the foot
• Pointy extremities can be used for a trigger point action anywhere on the body
• Hypoallergenic and sustainable construction
• Can be easily washed in warm soapy water
• Light and compact design, easy to carry anywhere