TRNR Ab Mat - Black & White

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  • 880.000₫
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Make the most of your sit-ups and prevent lower back injury with the TRNR Ab Mat. By supporting the natural curvature of your spine and stabilising your pelvis, this seemingly simple piece of equipment extends your back, providing the complete range of motion required for maximum abdominal activation. This makes it a must-have tool for any floor-based ab workouts. Whether you are new to sit-ups or a seasoned athlete, the Ab Mat will help you maintain proper form throughout your rep range and train without relying on momentum. You will also find it useful to cushion your elbows and forearms during plank exercises. Stable on most surfaces and lightweight, it can be used almost anywhere.

• Ergonomic one-size-fits-all shape – provides the ideal arch to support your lower back
• Closed-cell vinyl skin repels moisture, preventing bacteria build-up and bad odours
• Dense foam construction doesn’t flatten over time
• Compact, lightweight, and portable for easy on-the-go workouts