Compressport - Vớ Full Socks Recovery

  • 952.000₫
  • 1.190.000₫
  • - 238.000₫

Just as protein shakes help rebuild damaged muscle fibres, the compression socks Full Socks Recovery stimulate blood flow to accelerate the muscle regeneration process. Medically-controlled graduated compression from the foot up acts a little like a tube of toothpaste, encouraging venous return and toxin elimination. Worn post-effort or while traveling, these compression socks greatly help reduce leg swelling and delayed onset muscle fatigue (DOMS). Carefully-placed 3D.Dots around the foot and Achilles area help boost blood flow and provide gentle micro-massage, while the tight arch support prevents the sock from moving and further stimulates venous return. Integrated ventilation mean these socks never feel hot: your feet stay comfortable, fresh and dry! All this technology is packed into a sober, classy design infused with Compressport identity. Our reviewed sizing chart offers two calf widths for each foot size, so you can be sure to find the perfect fit. (If in doubt, select the large size to avoid excessive compression.) We initially developed these high-performance technologies for our pros, but you too can optimise your recovery to feel better today, and go faster tomorrow. Wear these ultralight Recovery compression Socks after your training session, when you step on a plane or simply for a long day in the office. Your body will thank you.