Black Sheep Women's Team 7" Bib - Black on Black

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The New Men’s Team Bib is a significant evolution of Black Sheep Cycling’s most popular product. After 6 years, we've introduced a new tailored strapping system and replaced the cuff with an ultra-low-profile, cuff-less finish. From new materials and finishing, the New Team Bib sets a new standard within the sport.

Find your Fit.
Our Men's Team Bib is FIRM Fit. This means that the garment is fitted, but not exposing. Firm in areas to avoid baggage, but enough stretch and freedom in the fabric to hero your body shape.
Product Features.
• CorePower is a warp-knit compression fabric.
• A best-in-class cuff-less finish.
• Redesigned brace features soft elastic straps, expertly moulded over the shoulders.