BAHE Yoga Wheel (18x12cm) Mini - Dusty Beige

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The BAHE yoga wheel mini is designed to be taken wherever you go and is great for beginners and experienced yogis, it is the perfect tool to help master the poses that challenge you most, deepen and lengthen your poses, or to test the limits of where your yoga practice takes you. The 10mm-outer layer is made of soft TPE to provide maximum comfort when using the wheel.


- Made of TPE and ABS core
- 12cm width fits between shoulder blades
- Extra thick 10mm premium TPE outer for comfort and cushioning
- Lightweight and portable



- Avoid direct sunlight.
- Wipe down with a soft, damp cloth.
- Allow to air dry thoroughly before storing.
- Colour will change over time, this will not affect the performance.
- Avoid heavy pressure and sharp objects when storing or using the wheel as it could leave a lasting mark.