TRNR Power Bands 3 Pack

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Are you unsure about which level will meet your needs the best? The TRNR Power Bands 3-Pack can help you reach your personal objectives whether you're seeking equipment for progressive resistance training or progressive bodyweight assistance. When used for assistance, it makes pull-ups easier for people who find it difficult to lift their own weight, want to complete more repetitions, or are just wanting to improve their form. For exercises to improve strength, explosiveness, endurance, and flexibility, it can also be utilised against resistance.

• Light, Medium, and Heavy levels, suitable for all fitness levels
• Light (Blue) weight range: 13.8-29.6 kg/30.4-65.3 lb
• Medium (Orange): 18.1-37.6 kg/60-121.7 lb
• Heavy (Grey): 27.2-55.2 kg/60-121.7 lb
• Made from 100% natural rubber latex that delivers superior elasticity for consistent leverage and resistance
• Extremely compact and travel-friendly
• Colour-coded with weight equivalents to easily track progress